Tree-bark craft workshop | Dulan

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Japanese | 冠吾, Taitung

Tree-bark craft workshop | Dulan

“Keep traditional craft alive. Peeling tree-bark to make clothes and bags is not the easiest way but definitely traditional.”

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Dulan is a town for surfers and artists. It also still has lots of craft traditions. Let’s explore this unique and relaxed town with a hippie vibe full of interesting culture and people, then learn the (almost) forgotten aboriginal skill of making clothes from tree bark. 

Experience Name】

Dulan。Taitung | Tree-bark hat/bag craft workshop and a walking tour if you like!



    • Making a bag, hat, lampshade, or even a jacket from tree barks and take it home as a souvenir.
    • Meet an old Amis couple, who is also previous tribal leader of Dulan tribe, trying to make this traditional craft alive and understand more about the biggest aboriginal group in Taiwan, Amis’ culture.
    • There aren’t many places in the world you can learn & make this craft
    • You can add a Dulan walking tour for NT$ Free! for extra to understand more about this small but interesting coastal town

 Important To Know】

  • Kids friendly but not specifically for kids, low Physicality
  • Duration: 2-4 hours for the craft, 1-2 hour for the tour
  • Language: Chinese (You can book our Travel Interpreters)
  • Indoor (Outdoor for walking tour)

Meeting Location】

Dulan Tree Bark Craft Studio

(Close to Marino’s Kitchen)

(After you book this experience successfully, we will send you transportation information.)





 What’s Included】

  • Craft materials
  • Craft making tools
  • Craft instructors
  • Free tour for the tribal leader’s tree bark craft collection museum

 Gentle Reminder】

  1. People at any age if s/he is doing the craft would need to buy a ticket
  2. Bring water with you
  3. All our outdoor activities can be influenced by bad weathers, but we always find the best alternatives

 Guest Limits】

  • Minimum: 1
  • Maximum: 25

 Combined and Private Group / How to book】

There are minimum guest limits for most tours/experiences due to cost reason. When your travelling group has less number than the minimum, you have options below:

  • Leave a message and wait: leave a message below and ask other travelers to join you. In this way, you don’t need to pay for anything before confirming, but meanwhile, there is no guarantee for opening the tour.
  • Press “Private Group” button:  in this way, you will pay for minimum tour charge even your group number isn’t as big as the minimum, and this tour will be only for your group. For example, you are a group of 2, and you are interested in Tour A. The price for Tour A is $25 pp minimum 6 guests. When you press “Private Group”, you will pay for $25*6=$150 even you are just 2 persons. However, the tour will be only 2 of you, no one else can join it.
  • Sign up anyway: this is used when you will go for the tour anyway but you don’t mind others to join. Sign up for whatever number you have and pay for the deposit. The tour then will be definitely open and wait for other travelers to sign up and combine.  However, if in the end there are fewer guest signed up than the minimum, you and other travelers in this tour will need to pay the tour’s minimum charge. If in the end, there is no other guest signed up for the tour, your group will need to pay for Private Group price. Please note deposit is NOT refundable. Deposit is usually the tour price when it reaches minimum.

We always want you to have a good time in Taitung even you are a small group that’s why we come out with these options.

Please let us know if you still have troubles joining a tour. If not, enjoy your tour!



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