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All languages | Stand-by Call Centre

Don’t want to travel with a stranger but need language help? Use our Stand-by call centre service!

We keep a travel interpreter base for requests. Some interpreters are stay-at-home moms or don’t have a car to travel easily; they can’t easily travel with you but they can stand by their phones so that you can call them when you need language help. Book this service they will help you remotely!


[Important to Know]

  • Languages – now we have English and Japanese. Other languages are in the process of recruiting.
  • How it works – you book hours you might need help –> we give you a phone number –> the interpreter will stand by during the hours you book –> you call when you need help
  • Working areas – anywhere since it’s remote work



  • This service is good for sorting out confusions, but not good for whole experience guiding. It is not easy to translate tour guiding in the phone.
  • The fee is to book the hours that the interpreter has to be standing by. Even you don’t call or hardly call during the hours, the fee is still payable.
  • Please book in advance because we might not find an interpreter for you when it’s urgent!



4hrs – NT$500
8hrs – NT$800

Other hours – Please request

[How to request]

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