School Trips to Taiwan

Dulan, Taitung | Tree-bark Bag Craft Workshop + Village Walking Tour

School Trips to Taiwan

10 Highlights about School Trips provided by NST


1, Culture, language and craft workshops in real communities

Taiwan, the heart of Asia, has a diverse culture mixed with Chinese Han, Hakka, Japanese, western, and its aboriginal culture. We could take you to real communities to learn these culture and skills. For example:


  • Tea workshop in a tea plantation to learn how to pick, pan, wither tea.


  • Traditional toys making. Such as a bamboo toy gun made from local bamboos


  • Make and try bubble tea, Taiwanese’s favourite drink

Chunshuitang Workshop


  • sky lantern making


  • Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese painting, and a lot more culture workshops


2, Indigenous Culture

We are based in Taitung, a place has the richest Taiwanese indigenous culture. We can definitely take you to Taiwanese indigenous villages to learn about their culture.

Taiwan has many tribes of indigenous people

  • Learn traditional skills like archery, making a campfire, collecting wild seafood with licensed coaches

More activities about Taiwanese’s indigenous culture, please check HERE


  • Traditional craft workshop



Taiwanese indigenous sawing


Taiwanese indigenous glass bead making



3, Outdoor & Eco-Education

Kayaking, snorkelling, hiking, cycling, camping etc. All these outdoor activities are good ways to get close to our nature. All activities would be led by professional and licenced coaching teams and covered by insurances. We make sure the adventures we choose are Eco-friendly too.


4, Safe and comfortable accommodations

NTNU accommodation

We usually stay in universities’ visitor dormitory rooms. They are clean, comfortable, and convenient for students.


5, Community service programmes

We work close with local communities. We can stay in a local village, either to build a shed with them, organise a farm place, or paint on the walls to decorate a school. There are many villages have done this kind of programmes before. They call it “Working Holiday in Taiwan” With a community service programme, students can do a meaningful project with locals and enjoy the trip in a different way.


6,  Classic must-go sight-seeing

Taipei 101


Sun Moon Lake


Taroko Gorge




7,  Delicious food

Taiwanese night market


8, Connections between local communities and overseas

NST is a team mixture of Taiwanese and Westerners. We all have a passion for Taiwan but we all understand different culture outside of Taiwan.

One of our founders, Chiahua, taught Mandarin in different IB(Internationa Baccalaureate) schools outside of Taiwan for many years. Now, she brings her family back to immerse the culture and language, and at the same time, started this company to encourage all kind of possible groups to come to Taiwan.

We know Taiwan, and we know you.


9, Save and regulated journey

We work with Taitung government and travel agencies among Taiwan to provide safe and regulated journeys for you and the students travelling without hassle.

work with the government as a team of TTmaker


10, Flexible and custom tour

100% custom tour for any size of groups. We can plan your tour to match your time, nature, and budget.

Write to us now to get more detailed plans.





Look forward to seeing you! 



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