School Trips to Taiwan

10 Highlights about School Trips provided by NST   1, Culture, language and craft workshops in real communities Taiwan, the heart of Asia, has a diverse […]

Dulan, Taitung | Tree-bark Bag Craft Workshop + Village Walking Tour

“Keep traditional craft alive. Peeling tree-bark to make clothes and bags is not the easiest way but definitely traditional.”   Dulan is known as a town […]

Tour options in Taitung 台東深度旅遊體驗活動選擇

Tour options in Taitung 台東(本島部分)旅遊體驗選擇   Here are experiences we can arrange for you. Continuing updating. Please let us know what you are interested so we […]

Taitung Culture & Nature Field Trip 走讀台東上山下海親子夏令營 (中英雙語) 三天兩夜新版

Taitung Culture & Nature Field Trip 走讀台東上山下海親子夏令遊學營 (中英雙語) 時間: 8月4, 5, 6 日       三天兩夜 人數: 小團精緻路線,一定成團 天數: 3天2夜繞台東一圈,上山下海全包了! 還可了解布農、阿美族原民文化 遊學,「遊」&「學」,到底是旅遊還是學習?     暑假,我們不希望跟坊間大部分夏令營一樣,孩子們還要坐在室內或是在某個定點學習,Learning without walls,直接在外走讀,最適合暑假了。然而我們也不要一般旅遊的走馬看花,我們邀請有實力的在地解說員,解說當地文化風俗,甚至直接帶您體驗,讓您帶回更多更深刻的回憶。我們的目標就是讓您又「遊」又「學」,無論是大人小孩都玩得開心。 […]
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