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From 1 to multi days, our package tours offer hassle-free tours that suit for most travellers. Prices include guide&driver, transportation, fees for activities, insurance.

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  • Green Island, Taitung | Eco, Snorkeling & Ocean-hot-spring Tour 綠島生態之旅

    History + culture + Snorkeling + adventure + food + hot spring = ultimate Green Island 綠島可以玩得更深入。生態綠島之旅。
    Prices are per person         minimum number 6 persons
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  • Taitung Culture & Nature Field Trip(in Chinese) 走讀台東上山下海親子遊學 三天兩夜

    Time: Request any time    Number: minimum of 3 ; more people more fun!
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  • Taitung Day Tour: The Pacific Ocean Indigenous Culture Experience


    A package tour in Taitung, Taiwan that you can make sea-salt from the Pacific Ocean and enjoy some classic sightseeing along the east coast.

     Prices are per person. For a group bigger than 6, please request for a discount.

     Minimum order: 2

     Departs every day upon request


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  • Taitung Tea workshop Day Tour



    • Enjoy a scenic ride through East Coast Rift Valley.
    • Gain a deeper understanding of authentic Taiwanese tea
    • Visit the Tea Plantations @ Luye Highland Scenic Area.
    • Learn about tea cultivation and make your own tea
    • Participate in two traditional Taiwanese tea ceremony with two separate tea masters.
    • Taste ‘Oolong Black Tea‘, Taitung’s speciality, and figure out whether it’s Oolong or black tea yourself.

     Prices are per person. For a group bigger than 6, please request for a discount.

     Minimum order: 2

     Departs on Tue and Fri


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  • Taitung Day Tour: Rice paddies and wine factory


    A package tour goes to Chishang and Luye that you can enjoy seeing the beautiful rice paddies and have fun making your own plum wine/vinegar.

     Prices are per person. For a big group, please request for a discount.

     Minimum order: 2

     Departs on Wed and Sat


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  • Coastal Beauty and Indigenous Culture Day Tour

    Scenery, culture, and beaches ALL IN ONE TOUR
    Understand Taiwan’s aboriginal culture / Enjoy stunning beaches on the East Coast of Taiwan / Have delicious authentic food / English guided and transportation included
    Prices are per person         departs every day by reservation


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