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English and other language speaking tour guide / interpreters in Taitung

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Travelling is not just the places we go; it’s the people we meet that capture the heart.

We meet, filter, and select travelling language interpreters and guides for you. It’s not easy to find an English or other language speaking tour guide in Taitung, but we do know some great ones.


[Important to Know]

  • Mostly English speaking. For other languages, please request and we will try our best.
  • Business, VIP customers are welcomed. We have professional licensed guides.
  • Some interpreters / guides can drive and take you around, whilst some can’t. We will discuss the best plan after your request.



  • Prices are varied due to different candidates and different expectations, prices from NT$2,000 – $8,000
  • Prices are for a candidate, 8 hours a day.

[How to request]

  • Book first then we will contact you and discuss with you
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